So, let’s talk..

I’ve done it. Finally, after months of pondering back and forth in my head on whether I should create a blog, I’ve done so. I’ve wanted to for quite some time, but was always up in the air due to the lack of time I may have to write. I’ve accepted that I will just write as things come to me, rather than strive to make this a content driven place.

I will start this off with a quick introduction of myself. My name is Zac Berwick. I am 24 years old and have a wonderful girlfriend in my life whom I am proud of each and every single day. We just recently bought our first house and live in Southern New Jersey with our two boxer puppies, Ava (14 months) and Tyson (6 months). I’m sure there will be pictures of all three of them posted eventually on this thing. I have a strong passion for sports, largely baseball and the Atlanta Braves. I’m making it a goal of mine to get a lot of my thoughts regarding the Braves organization out and published with this tool, so we will see how that works out. Other than the Braves, I am also a big Philadelphia Flyers and Eagles fan. While I don’t have the extensive background in advanced stats and other things in those sports as I do in baseball, I still follow each daily and throughout the winter. I used to cover MLB Daily Fantasy Baseball at during this past summer, which leads me to my next great passion and hobby: fantasy sports. It doesn’t matter what type of league or sport it is, I am a sure fire bet to make the playoffs in your league. If it is baseball I might as well have a bye into the semifinals of that league’s playoff match-ups. It’s a passion. A hobby. A moneymaker. A love. You’re sure to see plenty of posts regarding fantasy everything, so be prepared. Lastly, I enjoy a wide genre of music (mainly hip-hop, classic rock, and pop) and a good movie or TV show.

I have always had a strong like for writing. I say strong like and not a strong passion for a reason, though. I cannot say a passion due to the fact that I would often find the motivation or content to write about hard to come of. But, once I get writing I absolutely love it. We will see how longs this lasts, but I hope to create a blog where every man can come to read and relate with it, whether it is sports, TV, music, movies, etc. I want it to be the man cave of internet blogs, with not just one specific topic focus.

Which leads me to the blog name, The Brotherly Sanctuary. I was absolutely, 100% caught in a daze and blank stare at my laptop screen when it asked me to give this thing a name. I’m not sure what it truly is, to be honest. I got the brotherly part thanks to Philadelphia (let’s keep it cordial while we are here) and sanctuary as a synonym for man cave, I suppose. The header is not my man cave, as that is still a work in progress. It’s getting there, but we still need furniture and such in the room. The wall decors, however, are on point. Once it is completed I will update the header to a picture of my actual cave. For now, this will have to do as I wasn’t even aware I was going to need a header.

Endings have always been something I’ve struggled with. I feel like the quick summary of what you’ve talked about approach is just repetitive. Nobody wants to read things twice. The witty lines to end a post aren’t my style. I’m not witty enough with writing. The 76ers vs Heat game just restarted on my TV and it reminded me of something. The 76ers are absolute garbage, but I love the approach Sam Hinkie and company are taking towards rebuilding this franchise. Before I go off on a rant, I will save all of that for another post. Besides, the basketball season is just underway and plenty long enough for me to make numerous posts about how the 76ers only have five actual NBA players on their roster. Where am I going with all of that? Here, let us reminisce together and praise the greatest 76ers player of my lifetime.

Listen, we talkin’ about.. practice. Not a game, not a game.. practice.

Oh, and fuck the NBA Draft Lottery.


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